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2016 Home Garden Contest Winners


Bees & Butterflies Category

1st: John & Suzanne Frain

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Category

1st: Gail Missimer

2nd: Linda Lyle

3rd: Carol Rothermel

Grocery Garden Category

1st: Kathryn Endy 

General Garden Category

1st: Marianne Deery 


Junior Category

1st: Grace & Sam Bainbridge

2nd: Laura & Lily-Anne Wright

3rd: Madisyn Williams

Honorable Mention: Nicolas, Nathanael, Abigail & Naomi Parson

Pizza Garden Category

1st: Megan McConnell

2nd: Charles Kanaskie

Bees & Butterflies Category

1st: Ron Richael

2nd: Kay Yenchick

3rd: Marla (Pua) Schmidt

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Category

1st: Rich Cressman

2nd: Francine Kulp

3rd: Emilie Kurtz

Honorable Mention: Lyn Regan 

Certificate of Partipation: Gloria Kerr

Grocery Garden Categeory

1st: Bill Wolfgang

2nd: Joe Loftus

3rd: Amy Bathurst Francis

Honorable Mention: Suzanne Carlson

Certificate of Participation: Kairavi Kulkarni

A Lot with a Little Category

1st: Joyce Morris

2nd: James & Julia Wilson

3rd: Larry & Vanessa Wyatt

General Garden Category

1st: Charles & Jo-Ann Kelley

2nd: Ed Walker & Eileen Faust

3rd: The Kearney Family 

Honorable Mention: Marie Haigh

For a description of the 2016 Home Garden Contest Categories, CLICK HERE

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