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7 Categories. 5 Cash Prizes in Every Category.

While the number of cash prizes we can award may be limited, the Home Garden Contest benefits more than just the people who participate. Growing a home garden also rewards loved ones, friends, neighbors, passersby–anyone, really, who can take in the beauty, or bounty, of your garden. So thanks for playing a part in enhancing our community. Good luck and good health.

Choose only one category. To qualify, your garden must be accessible to judges. 

Judges will visit your garden between July 12 and July 26.      

First Place: $200; Second Place: $150; Third Place: $100; Fourth Place: $75; Fifth Place: $50


General Garden

If your entire garden says it all and includes a little bit of everything… flowers, shade plants, shrubs, landscaping, ornamental plants, and even vegetables, this category is for you. This is our most competitive category. 

Outdoor Oasis

Your home is your sanctuary, and the beauty of the outdoor space around it reflects that. This category is for those who have created a special inviting spot to relax and enjoy their outdoor surroundings. 

Pleasant Porch

Your residence’s entrance is the gateway to your home. An enticing and welcoming porch makes an impact on our community. Whether it’s one plant or 20, this category is for those who make their entranceway a vibrant space. 

Pocket Garden

Making the most of minimal space, pocket gardens can be in the ground, in raised beds, pots, or surprising containers such as a wagon or pair of old boots. All you need is a “pocket” of space and healthy plants of any type.

Curb Appeal

Your home’s first impression can be drastically changed by the addition of a newly painted front door, good lighting design, and, of course, landscaping. What makes people do a double take when they drive by? Planters, fountains, walkways, or window boxes... show us your home’s pretty face!

Edible Garden

Enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor! Grow a garden that blossoms with fresh produce! Your garden may feature any combination of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and edible flowers — including begonias, day lilies, and more! 

Youth Gardener

Gardeners age 18 and younger, get your hands dirty and grow a garden that beautifies your home, produces food, or attracts beneficial bugs. Your garden can be a fairy garden, container garden, in raised beds, or in the ground. Have fun, and be creative…the sky’s the limit! (Child must be primary gardener!)
*For this category: 1st Place: $100; 2nd Place: $75; 3rd Place: $50; 4th Place: $25; 5th Place: $10

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