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5 Categories. 20 Cash Prizes. In Both Boroughs

While the number of cash prizes we can award may be limited, the Home Garden
Contest benefits more than just the people who participate. Growing a home
garden also rewards loved ones, friends, neighbors, passersby–anyone, really, who
can take in the beauty, or bounty, of your garden. So thanks for playing a part in
enhancing our community. Good luck and good health.

Registration for the 2023 Home Garden Contest runs from April 28 to June 23.

Residents of Boyertown & Pottstown Boroughs are eligible to participate in one standard category in addition to the bonus category.


Outdoor Oasis

Your home is your sanctuary, and the beauty of the outoor space around it reflects that. This category is for those who beautify their yards to create an incredible hidden gem in our community.
*Grand Prize: $150; 2nd Prize: $100; 3rd Prize: $75; Honorable Mention: $50

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Young Gardener

Calling all children and young adults 18 and younger! Unleash your imagination and grow a garden that beautifies your home, produces food or flowers, or attracts beneficial insects. Have fun, be creative…the sky’s the limit! Your garden can be a fairy garden, container garden, raised bed, or planted in the ground. (Child must be primary gardener!)
*Grand Prize: $75; 2nd Prize: $50; 3rd Prize: $25; Honorable Mention: $10

General Garden

If your entire garden includes a little bit of everything…flowers, shade plants, shrubs,
landscaping, ornamental plants, and even vegetables, this category is for you!
*Grand Prize: $150; 2nd Prize: $100; 3rd Prize: $75; Honorable Mention: $50

Edible Garden

Enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor! Grow a garden that blossoms with fresh produce! Your garden may feature any combination of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and edible flowers--including begonias, day lilies, and more!
*Grand Prize: $150; 2nd Prize: $100; 3rd Prize: $75; Honorable Mention: $50

Pleasant Porch or Patio

Your home’s entrance is the gateway to your life. Using the space of your porch or patio to welcome others has a great impact on our community. Whether it’s one plant or 20, this category is for those who make their front porch into a welcoming, vibrant space.
*Grand Prize: $150; 2nd Prize: $100; 3rd Prize: $75; Honorable Mention: $50
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