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Join us in congratulating the winners of the 2022 Boyertown and Pottstown Home Garden Contest! On behalf of Mosaic Community Land Trust, Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, and Building a Better Boyertown, we thank all of this year's participants. We appreciate all you do to keep our community beautiful!

Pottstown Borough

41 Total Entries


Young Gardener category (4 entries)

  • Honorable Mention Brooke Haigh

  • 3rd Malcolm Haigh

  • 2nd Noah Cressman

  • 1st Jacob Melendez


General Garden (20 entries)

  • “Garden of Distinction” certificates:

    • Wendy Sigourney

    • Gregg Gruschow

    • Tom & Mary Ann Hudson

  • Honorable Mention Penny McClimon

  • 3rd Sophia McFarland

  • 2nd Athena Procsal

  • 1st Heather Kurtz


Pleasant Porch (6 entries)

  • Honorable Mention Angela Waltman

  • 3rd Cynthia Wallace

  • 2nd Steph Beener

  • 1st Christina Weiss


Edible (4 entries)

  • Honorable Mention Robert Trojanowski

  • 3rd Barb Rapchinski 

  • 2nd Amber Watkins

  • 1st Joseph Lee

A Lot with a Little (7 entries)

  • Honorable Mention Jen Fehnel

  • 3rd Rosemarie Blom

  • 2nd Daniel Melendez

  • 1st Lisa Luscan

Boyertown Borough

9 Total Entries 

General Garden (4 entries)

  • Honorable Mention Angela Motter

  • 3rd Denise Trout

  • 2nd Joseph Powers

  • 1st Jack Carver


Pleasant Porch (2 entries)

  • 2nd April Collins

  • 1st Guy Porter


A Lot with a Little (2 entries)

  • 2nd Pat Keeler

  • 1st Kenette Olinger

Edible Garden (1 entry)

  • 1st Kim Dougherty

Young Gardener category – No entries

Click through the gallery below to view all of

this year's beautiful home gardens.

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