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Stay tuned for photos of the winning home gardens and all the participating gardens of this year's contest!


There were no participants in the following three categories:
            Young Garden
            A Lot With a Little
            Bees & Butterflies Garden


General Garden 

HM Louis Lombardi 
3rd  Gail Missimer
2nd   Linda Lyle
1st  Michael Myers
Certificate of Participation:  Angela Motter
Certificate of Participation:  Linda Steffy
Certificate of Participation:  Denise Trout
Certificate of Participation:  Cynthia Werstler


Flower Garden 

3rd Heidi Bauer
2nd Jack Carver
1st       Lisa Catagnus-Hiryak

Vegetable Garden 

2nd      Kathryn Endy
1st       Kim Dougherty


Young Gardener

HM     Muhammad & Layla Belgrave 
3rd       Justin Castillo
2nd      Lily-Anne Wright
1st       Lexi Oswald


Certificate of Participation: Brooke Haigh 
Certificate of Participation: Elly Haigh 


A Lot with a Little

HM     Karliayn Bare
3rd       Jim & Julie Wilson
2nd      Lisa Heverly
1st       John Piekarski


General Garden

HM     Marilyn Conbeer
3rd       Bonnie Heath
2nd      Ken & Julia Kummerer
1st       Geri Kelly
Certificate of Participation:         Bruce Bachart
Certificate of Participation:         Eileen Faust & Ed Walker
Certificate of Participation:         Marie Haigh
Certificate of Participation:         Diane Heverly
Certificate of Participation:         Adirah & Benyamin Levy
Certificate of Participation:         Alicia Murray

Bees & Butterflies Garden

3rd       Mary Hingston
2nd      Ron Richael
1st       Jody Wenzel

Flower Garden:

HM     Charles Kanaskie 
3rd       Sue Krause
2nd      Richard Cressman
1st       Nichole Leone        


Certificate of Participation: Charlene Bradley
Certificate of Participation: Betsy Sovia

Vegetable Garden

HM     Barbara Rapchinski
3rd       Becky Gardner
2nd      Joseph Wenzel
1st       Jeremy Schwenk
Certificate of Participation:         Joe Loftus
Certificate of Participation:         Jennifer Maximenko
Certificate of Participation:         Megan McConnell
Certificate of Participation:         Katharine Putkowski
Certificate of Participation:         Robert Trojanowski

2018 Home Garden Contest Awards Ceremony

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