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For photos of the winning home gardens and all the participating gardens of this year's contest, CLICK HERE


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

HM  Suzanne Frain

3rd  Gail Missimer

2nd Sheri Miller

1st   Linda Lyle

A Lot with a Little

3rd  Linda Famous

2nd Ronald Bartholomew

1st  Kennette Olinger


General Garden

HM  Sarah Lombardi

3rd  Rick Solazzo

2nd  Linda Steffy

1st   Lisa Catagnus-Hiryak

Certificate of Participation:  Marianne Deery


Junior Garden

HM  James & Jesse Ryder

3rd  Natasha Clemens

2nd  Lily-Anne Wright

1st   Madeleine Heidel


Bees & Butterflies

HM  Marla Schmidt

3rd  Jody Wenzel

2nd  Ron Richael

1st   Julia & Kenneth Kummerer

Certificate of Participation:  Charlene Bradley

Certificate of Participation:  Kay Yenchick


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

HM  Geri Kelly

3rd  Suzanne Carlson

2nd  Nichole Leone

1st   Emilie Kurtz

Certificate of Participation:  Darlene Bumbarger

Certificate of Participation:  Cheryl Chiarello

Certificate of Participation:  Paul Desch

Certificate of Participation:  Debi Fox

Certificate of Participation:  Marie Haigh

Certificate of Participation:  Lyn Regan

Certificate of Participation:  George & Theadoria Washington

Grocery Garden

HM  Barbara Rapchinski

3rd  Jeremy Schwenk

2nd  Kurt Heidel

1st   Michael Wenzel

Certificate of Participation:  Becky Gardner

Certificate of Participation:  Maria Hernandez

Certificate of Participation:  Joe Loftus

Certificate of Participation:  Robert Trojanowski

A Lot with a Little

HM  Karliayn Hittle

3rd  Julia & James Wilson

2nd  Mike & Tina Wheeler

1st   Mason Craig    


Certificate of Participation:  Benyamin Levy

Certificate of Participation:  Emma McKim

Certificate of Participation:  Lisa Muller

General Garden

HM  Charles Kanaskie

3rd  Marilyn Conbeer

2nd  Richard Cressman

1st   Kay Groff

Certificate of Participation:  Darlene & Grace Bainbridge

Certificate of Participation:  Charlotte Charles

Certificate of Participation:  Frank Davila

Certificate of Participation:  Christi Dunning

Certificate of Participation:  Eileen Faust & Ed Walker

Certificate of Participation:  Carol Kulp

Certificate of Participation:  John Piekarski

Certificate of Participation:  Fred Schilling

Certificate of Participation:  Terri Stone

Certificate of Participation:  Suzanne Swartz

Certificate of Participation:  Jean Wampole

Certificate of Participation:  Debra Watland

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